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Castillo, 57, had jumped from the roof of his Harlem apartment building after learning that he might lose his license for picking up unauthorized street hails. In his pocket, a suicide note was scrawled on the back of a summons from the Taxi and Limousine Commission. When Schifters death made the cover of Black Car News, letters poured in from supportive readers. One called on de Blasio to name the east gate of City Hall Doug Schifter Way. Another compared Schifter to Thch Quang Duc, the Buddhist monk who set himself ablaze on a Saigon street in 1963, and to Mohamed Bouazizi, the Tunisian street vendor whose self immolation in 2010 helped spark the Arab Spring. A third likened him to Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King Jr. Someone suggested the date of Schifters suicide February 5 may not have been a coincidence; it was the anniversary of New Yorks 1934 taxi riots, which gave birth to the industry that served the city and its drivers for so many decades. And there were vigils and rallies. Protesters organized by the New York Taxi Workers Alliance, a grassroots group representing 19,000 drivers, descended on City Hall. They waved signs that read REST IN PEACE DOUGLAS SCHIFTER, OUR DRIVER BROTHER and YOUR LIFE AND DEATH WERE NOT IN VAIN. They held aloft his photograph and chanted, Douglas!Our brother!Therell never be another!Then, on March 16, there was another suicide.

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Congress must step up to ensure no student, particularly those in low income households, is left behind as schools transition to online learning, Kaine said. This legislation will support both schools and students with the resources they need to stay connected and focus on their education during this time. Twelve million students experience the homework gap afflicting families without internet access at home, who cant complete their homework and keep up with lessons. The gap affects students in both rural and urban areas, but proportionately affects lower income students and students of color, researchers say. Students without home internet access consistently score lower in reading, math and science, the senators offices said. The nations public health emergency has worsened that inequity.

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The teacher then briefs the students on the course and explains the attitude they should toward it. During the course there are two opportunities for generalization of material. In the middle of the course students are encouraged to practice the target language in a setting where it might be used, such as hotels and restaurants. The last day of the course is devoted to a performance in which every student participates. The students construct a play built on the material of the course. The types of activities that are more original to suggestopedia are the listening activities, which concern the text and text vocabulary of each unit. These activities are typically part of the pre session phase, which takes place on the first day of a new unit. The students first look at and discuss a new text with the teacher. In the second reading, students relax comfortably in reclining chairs and listen to the teacher read the text in a certain way. During the third reading the material is acted out by the instructor in a dramatic manner over a background of the special musical form described previously. Teacher should create situations in which learners are most suggestible and then to present linguistic material in a way most likely to encourage positive reception and retention by learners.

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However, if the remaining term is less than 6 months, a supplementary officer may not be elected. Section 3. An officer may be recalled by the General Assemblyor Delegates Assembly if he or she commits any of the following offences. The recall of officers shall be decided at the voting body where he or she was elected. 1 Defamation or violation of the purposes of the union 2 Disputes with other officers, accounting fraud or other wrongful acts3 Obstruction of the duties of the unionSection 1. Duties of the President shall include:1 Representing the union and overseeing the union's duties2 Assuming the position of the chairman of the General Assembly, the Delegates Assembly, and the Executive Committee3 Representing the union in collective bargaining and negotiating collective agreements. 4 Publishing the union newsletter5 Appointing members to advisory, professional, direct and administrative offices. Section 2. Duties of the Senior Vice President and the Vice President are as follows. 1 The Senior Vice President and the Vice President shall assist the President, and the Senior Vice President shall assume the President's duties in the event that he or she is not able to serve due to unforeseen circumstances. 2 In the event that the Senior Vice President is not able to serve in office, the oldest of the Vice Presidents shall assume his or her duties.

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