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Another term, alphabetism, is sometimes used to describe abbreviations pronounced as the names of letters. A blend is different from a portmanteau word in that a portmanteau refers strictly to a blending of two function words, similar to a contraction. 1. The beginning of one word is added to the end of the other. For example, brunch is a blend of breakfast and lunch. This is the most common method of blending.

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To find out which countries citizens need to apply for this check Singapores Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. But for all visas, the visitors need to have a passport with minimum of six months of validity still remaining at the time of application, adequate money to last for the period you are planning to stay there, the intended duration of stay there, confirmed tickets for onward and return journeys, completely filled up disembarkation and embarkation card, a vaccination certificate for yellow fever this is applicable only to few countries and finally a valid Singapore Visa, which is required depending on the country you come from. The short term visa, which gets approved at the border, will contain the period of stay one is approved for. Do ensure that you do not overstay, for you are liable to be punished in this island nation. It is better that you apply for an extension, which is easy to get and ensure that you apply for it much before your approved period of stay is over. For a Singapore Student Visa, one has to receive an offer letter from the educational institution for the course she/he has applied for. Educational institutions or universities in Singapore will thereafter file on the behalf of a student a Singapore student pass to Singapore ICA immigration and checkpoint authority. Fee for student pass application differs from one institution to another. Applicants need to keep in mind that they can apply for a visa only fewer than 30 days before entry to Singapore. Usually, it takes two to three weeks to obtain student visa passes for Singapore. The student visa rules of Singapore mandate an applicant to show that she/he has enough money for subsistence while staying there.

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S. Yun, Y. Jin, S. M. Hira, M. A. in November found that health problems were occurring at lower levels of exposure than had previously been believed harmful. Infants, children, young girls and women are exposed to dangerous levels of chlorpyrifos through diet alone, the agency said. Children are exposed to levels up to 140 times the safety limit. Babies Are Larger After Ban On 2 Pesticides, Study Finds, by Richard Prez Pea, New York Times. Pregnant women in upper Manhattan who were heavily exposed to two common insecticides had smaller babies than their neighbors, but recent restrictions on the two substances quickly lowered exposure and increased babies size, according to a study being published today.

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