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The CFPB is already investigating complaints about errors in credit reports and the difficulty or sometimes inability to have them corrected. As of Jan. 2, the agency will regulate the country?s large debt collectors, an industry that has been widely criticized for harassment, deception and other illegal tactics to get people to pay ?whether they owe the debt or not, in some cases. ?Millions of consumers are affected by debt collection, and we want to make sure they are treated fairly,?CFPB director Richard Cordray said in a statement. I wouldn?t be surprised to see some civil penalties levied and new rules proposed to prevent abusive collection tactics. New and changing digital threatsCybercriminals are sure to step up their game again in 2013.

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But Uber is already embracing these strategies, trying to warn customers when surge pricing is likely and to make sure customers understand and agree to the surge price when requesting a car. So Dholakia misses the key point. It is not ignorance that leads to customer annoyance with surge pricing. Customers understand exactly what surge pricing does. And that is why they do not like it. From the customers' perspective, surge pricing does two things.

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SafeAssign: an anti plagiarism tool that searches its own archives, paper mills, and the web to generate originality reports on students papers. Take informative proactive rather than punitive reactive measures to educate students about unintentional plagiarism and proper citation. Tutoring: a variety of tutoring services are available to students, all free of charge. Services include 1 on 1 tutoring, online tutoring, the Writing Commons, and English language support. Writing Commons: the University Writing Commons works with students at any stage of the writing process. They are located in 3 different sites for easy access to writing support Health and Learning Center, Inclusion and Multicultural Services, and Cline Library. Alternative Testing: Disability Resources administers academic tests, quizzes, and exams that require the accommodation of extended time, distraction reduced environment, adaptive equipment, readers, scribes and/or alternative test format, etc. Assistive Technology: available from Cline Library; this technology gives blind or visually impaired students better access to library materials. The new technology includes: Top Braille, SmartView Versa+, and Tiger Embosser. Blackboard Ally: Ally seamlessly integrates with Bb Learn and automatically generates alternative accessible formats, provides instructor feedback and generates an institutional accessibility report. Customizing Bb Learn Assessments: Bb Learn Assessments may be customized to accommodate students.

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" For going on ten years, Pennsylvania deer hunters have been questioning the science driving the Pennsylvania Game Commissions deer management program. Ayuh, they kept telling each other, we hear what youre saying but we dont agree with you. Now, thanks to the hard work and diligence and, although most people arent aware of it, the courage of John Eveland and the support and an equal dose of courage provided by the Allegheny County Sportsmens League, the full extent of the mismanagement of Pennsylvanias deer herd has come to light. Read moreIf I were asked to give one word to describe todays entire Blood Sport community, I would offer the word diverse. And if were asked to give one word to describe the Blood Sport communitys current state of affairs, I would suggest that word is divided. The Blood Sport community is no longer generically lumped into descriptive categories like Hunters or Trappers or Anglers. Today this community is separated into numerous sub sets that are identified with specific fish or wildlife species or hunting and fishing techniques. By any logical application of the word, the Blood Sports at the end of the first decade of the twenty first century are diverse. Read moreThose of us who hunt and fish are a strange lot, as diverse as any group can be and still be considered, as I and a few other introspective outdoor writers have suggested, members of one the Blood Sports community. Depending upon who is providing the description, we are both an economic engine and this nations first and only true conservationists. Given the dichotomous ground between these accurately descriptive labels, it is fair to ask, Are the Blood Sports really a homogenous community as the economists label us or, as we speed down the inexorable trail of modernity, have we finally reached a point where we will split into incompatible, competing factions? Read more I know the popular thing to do when youre regaling people with a story about fly fishing is to drop as many who you know names as possible so that you can get a few buffo points for the quality of the people youve met.

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Let me begin by saying that I don't make thousands per month from MOST of my blogs. However, I do have many making hundreds. Since I don't put in a lot of time maintaining them, and I enjoy blogging, I consider the money a bonus. I blog while sitting in my yard with my laptop on a wireless connection. watching the clouds roll by. Another bonus I get from blogging is that it helps my regular websites that are set up as my "money machines. "The search engines visit my blogs more often than they visit my regular sites, and they follow the links from my blogs pointing to other sites. Some of these links point to my sites, and some point to sites of partners. This does help the search engine rankings of these sites MASSIVELY. How Do I Monetize My Blogs?I monetize my blogs by creating blogs on topics people are searching for. and that they are spending money on.

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