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Host an event to present your brand as a leader and innovator. By aligning your company as a welcoming and community first organization, candidates are likely to start recognizing and associating with your leadership and might consider joining your company when looking for job opportunities. If you want to find and recruit the best talent, you need to go beyond traditional staffing models. One interesting model is organizing events in big cities across the country and matching candidates from leading companies. The talent is invited by referral only and companies who employ this model spend a lot of time to know about candidates before the hosting event. Another is social recruitment. LinkedIn and Twitter are great places to find talented employees. Companies can share job postings, and develop a good relationship with potential candidates. In fact, social recruitment is the fastest, easiest and effective way of finding and recruiting the best talent. Surprisingly, recruiting and dating has many similarities. In online dating, you are on the lookout for the perfect partner and in recruiting you are looking for a perfect employee.

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biz ARTICLE ANNOUNCEMENT LISTS. Announcement Lists are email newsletters, lists, or ezines, which allow you to "announce" your new articles to thousands of editors and publishers instantly. Most of these announcement lists are sent out daily to their subscribers. This means that you can have your article circulating to key editors and publishers within hours of completion. Here are a number of important Article Announcement Lists that will give you a simple and fast mechanism for distribution of your articles. announce/ announce list/ ree Reprint Articles/ ree Content/ ree eContent/ marketing articleblaster/ network/ C Reprint Articles eprintArticles Paradise/ heWriteArticles/ YOUR INTERNAL, IN HOUSE, DISTRIBUTION LIST. Over time you will begin to build a list of editors and publishers, who have used your articles in the past, and find them to be relevant. This list is "your private goldmine". Each time you finish an article the first step you want to take is to send it, in a private mailing, to your in house user list. You might want to consider doing a "mail merge" to this list and personalize your submission to the specific editor by name. Remember, this list could be worth thousand of dollars to you over the coming months and years.

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