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Arthur, 2013; Klepic, 2014The Information Commissioners Office ISO warned about the use of wearables and the resulting chances on breaches of the Data Protection Act. The Glass wide scope for data collection led to more chances for breaking UK law than any other device. Fox Brewster, 2014 Should movie theatres, concert venues and casinos try to ban the Glass?And how are corporations going to stop employees from photographing confidential trade documents?Klepic, 2014 Banning or restricting the Glass was also a major issue for restaurants, hospitals, sports grounds and banks Gray R. , 2013The second debate evolved around the question: Will people will able to concentrate on what is in front of them when they get distracted by the internet all the time?This legal question was about the safety of using the Glass in traffic. The Glass is supposed to stop people from looking at their phones, but people are fundamentally incapable of looking away from what they are doing for a few seconds without losing their concentration. If texting and calling while driving is illegal, how could constantly incoming notifications that are only an eye movement away be legal?Klepic, 2014In January 2015 Google stopped selling the Glass, that was made available as an early prototype to fans and journalists in 2013.

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Castells Quintana, D 2017, Malthus living in a slum: Urban concentration, infrastructure and economic growth, Journal of Urban Economics 98: 158 173Chandler, T 1987, Four thousand years of urban growth: An historical census, Lewiston, NY, USA: St David's University Press. Frick, S and A Rodrguez Pose 2017, Big or small cities?On city size and economic growth, Growth and Change, forthcoming. Glaeser, E L 2014, "World of cities: The causes and consequences of urbanization in poorer countries, Journal of the European Economic Association 125: 1154 1199. Glaeser, E L, H D Kallal, J A Scheinkman and A Shleifer 1992, Growth in cities, Journal of Political Economy 1006: 1126 1152. Henderson, J V 2003, The urbanization process and economic growth: The so what question, Journal of Economic Growth 81:47 71. Melo, P C, D J Graham and R B Noland 2009, A meta analysis of estimates of urban agglomeration economies, Regional Science and Urban Economics 393: 332 342.

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Iso Aloha, S. E. 1982. Towards a Social Psychology Theory of Tourism Motivation: A Rejoinder, Annals of Tourism Research, 92, 256 262, in Johnson, P. and Thomas, B. 1994, p. 33 55, Choice and Demand in Tourism, Mansell Publishing Ltd. : LondonPearce 1982, Mill and Morrison 1985 as well as Krippendorf 1987 all point out the difficulties to obtain valid data regarding travel motivation, and that most answers only relate to the choice of destination rather than to the real motives, reiterating the content of tourism advertising. They ascribe this partly to the reluctance people might have when asked to give away their private motives, but also to the fact that tourists themselves may be unaware of the true reasons behind their travel behaviour Mill and Morrison, 1985, p. 2Whereas particularly Crompton and Iso Aloha describe tourist motivation based on social psychological content theories, Witt and Wright apply the expectancy theory, pointing out that needs, or push factors, are only a potential source of motivated behaviour. They may arouse motivated behaviour in the first place, but a knowledge of peoples needs will not necessarily tell us what they will actually do to fulfil such needs, or indeed whether they will do anything at all.

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Just consider newspapers, which are delivered in print format, on the Web, via e mail and RSS as well, all this to assure optimum delivery according to end user preferences. While most e zine publishers will never consider presenting their e zine in print format and delivering it via traditional delivery services, you need to explore all available means of online delivery. After e mail, RSS is the first that comes to mind. Using RSS to announce your e zine via RSS is the simplest and least expensive way to get started with RSS and it will help you make sure that your valuable content in fact does get delivered, at least to the audience using RSS. A THE PROCESS: E MAIL E ZINES What is the process behind traditional e zine publishing?How can we now transfer this process to publishing your e zine via RSS as well?B THE PROCESS: RSS CONTENT DELIVERY We first need to understand how RSS content delivery works. The file needs to first be created and then uploaded to the server, before a link to it can be provided. Fortunately, there are many tools available that will do this for you easily. In terms of subscriptions, the process is reversed. Instead of the visitor giving his e mail address to the publisher, the publisher rather provides the visitor with a single URL, which then the visitor puts in his aggregator. Usually, he first publishes this new story on his website and then simply prepares a summary and puts it in to the RSS feed/file. In this case, the summary in the feed simply notifies the reader of new full text content being made available and pulls him to click through to the full text article on the website.

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A suspect is still at large, but the Indiana State University student who was shot on campus Saturday evening is "recovering," ISU Police Chief Joe Newport said today. David is a longtime Tribune Star sportswriter whose primary duties were switched to the news department in late 2015. A cancer survivor, he enjoys hanging out with his family and staying fit with regular trips to the gym. PLAINFIELD Linda L. Pennington, 83, of Plainfield, passed away October 23, 2020. Visitation will be from 4:00 pm until the memorial service begins at 7:00 pm in Hall Baker Funeral Home, Plainfield.

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